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A. Hearth & Home has an excellent video that takes you step by step through the process and the basic steps can be applied to most standing pilot fireplaces and stoves. 

Q. How do I light my standing pilot fireplace?

Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions we receive.

Q. Will my fireplace still work if the power goes out?

A. For almost all gas fireplaces the answer is Yes. If you have a gas fireplace or stove with a standing pilot it requires no electricity to operate and you would just need to flip the switch on the wall for it to light. If you have a fireplace that was manufactured in recent years, it may have an IPI (intermittent pilot ignition) system, which requires electricity to spark the pilot flame each time the fireplace is used. It should have a battery backup system that requires either 2 D batteries or 4 AA batteries to work. The battery backup would be located behind the decorative screen or behind the bottom panel of your fireplace where your valve is located. As soon as the power is restored remove the batteries and save them for the next time you may need them.

A. We have included a picture of where most fireplace tags would be. Wood burning fireplaces normally have them somewhere inside the fireplace opening. Gas fireplaces normally have them down below the fireplace opening behind a bottom cover or the decorative front. Depending on how old your fireplace is the tag could be covered with soot, so you may not be able to see it clearly right away.

Q. Where do I locate the Model # and Serial # of my fireplace? 

A. Yes. Direct vent fireplaces are sealed combustion units and require the glass in order to operate correctly. You may remove the glass for cleaning purposes, but the glass needs to be in place while burning.

Q. Do I need to keep the glass on my direct vent fireplace?

A. Gas residue will build up over time on the inside of your glass front. If you are cleaning it on a regular basis, all you need is a vinegar & water solution or any window cleaner that does not contain ammonia. If it has been awhile since the last cleaning and the vinegar/water doesn't work you may need a product called Rutland White Off. If you don't maintain your glass front at all it is possible for the white residue to etch the glass permanently and require replacement of the glass front.

For all cleaning use a soft cloth.

Q. What do I use to clean the glass on my fireplace?

Q. How do I remove the glass for cleaning?

A. Typically you would first remove the decorative front or the top and bottom grills. Then locate the spring clips on the top and bottom of the glass. There should be 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom towards the corners. Pull the clip towards you then away from the glass, the glass should now tilt towards you. Place the glass on a soft towel or surface to avoid scratching the glass.

We recommend consulting your owners manual for specifics on your fireplace.